Health and Safety Policy Statement

Acres Garden Maintenance are committed to providing the highest practicable standards of health and safety at work to its employees. The company recognizes its duty and legal obligations under current legislation to protect the health and safety of its staff employed on company premises and all such other premises where the company’s business is conducted.

The company is also committed to conducting its activities in such a way as to protect the safety of customers, members of the public, and of visitors and contractors on company premises.

It will also adopt the best practicable means to minimize its impact on the environment and will meet its legislative requirements.

The company will provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all company employees and will provide all necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to them.

While the directors and management accept their responsibility for health and safety at work, they expect all employees to play their part to fulfil their legal obligations under the health and safety legislation by taking reasonable care to avoid accidents to themselves and others and by following company procedures.

Helping the Environment.

At Acres Garden Maintenance we are aware and conscious of the needs of the environment and the hazards of some substances which can effect the natural balance of nature.

Wherever possible we undertake to ensure that environment friendly and organic products are used at all times.